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Don't Lie (No Lie Freestyle) lyrics

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WIZ KHALIFA lyrics : "Don't Lie (No Lie Freestyle)"

They say I smoke too much
I say you can't smoke enough in this bitch
Og kush in my eyelids, high as fuck im like wireless
Ain't playing a game im not childish
Taylor gang we the wildest, taking shots like im Irish
Going to shop for that fly shit, if it's private im flying it
If I like it im buying it, if its foreign im drivin it
If it's potent im smoking it
That 69 interior look sexy as hell when you open it
That kush good I might roll a bit, wife happy im stroking it
Cover of the source cause my ownership, hating niggas like holy shit
Club promoters like fly him out, die hard fans like pay the man
150k for a show I rub my hands like Birdman
Ripping jeans and taking drags, popping tags and making swag
On the internet everyday and you fuck niggas still make us laugh
I ain't really one to talk shit, but the shit I buy just make us brag
Clothes small but my money long with my gold tooth and my nappy head
Before you see you thinking thats a seat but a nigga like me treat it like a bed
Wake me up when its time to eat, only nigga in first class
I say fuck you unless im with you, though I will probably never diss you want me to roll and smoke with you
Dont lie
I say fuck them other niggas, man im down for all my niggas, cause they down to ride
Little nigga say word you ain't ever smoke no fire you ain't never smoke no fire (2x)
Little nigga tell the truth you ain't ever smoke no fire you ain't ever smoke no fire
Little nigga tell the truth you ain't ever smoke no fire nigga you a god damn liar

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