Bout Me (feat. Problem & Iamsu!) lyrics

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WIZ KHALIFA lyrics : "Bout Me (feat. Problem & Iamsu!)"

[Hook: Problem]
Worried bout a hater? Not me
Turnt to the max, no sleep

Smoke a hundred joints to the face
Give a $#[email protected] what a (*##$ ^!$$% say
Everything about me (bout me)

Everything about me (bout me)
Everything about me
Everything about me (bout me)

Everything about me (bout me)
Everything about me

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Rollin', pockets swollen
Ridin' in it, like its stolen

Weeded, hella conceited
If it ain't about money ^!$$% I don't need it
Got a hundred grand in my ashtray

Spend a hundred k on a bad day
And I'm tatted like a cholo
Nigga act crazy my dogs go loco

Kush got me movin' slo-mo
With my ^!$$% Problem that's my bro-bro
Came in through the back door

Ten mill this year on the low-low
And I'm still smokin' pre-rolleds
Cristal, done $#[email protected] with the Clicquot

And my bank full of zeros
Young Wizzle get fly like a hero


[Verse 2: Problem]

Rollin' through with them hoes like a donut
Sold more weed than you ? ever smoked up
Dick make her choke up, like a real ?

Got me feeling like a mill, off a pill door locked
We ain't lettin' all no more bros in
But fo' sho' we'll let y'all hoes in

Cause when we pullin' money out they be lovin' it
Give her dick 'fore I give a (*##$ my government
Just ate, I got eight more

Super duper high, eighty-eighth floor
Unzip this, that's eight more
Fuck a #[email protected] and $#[email protected] rhyming

We gon' live forever, $#[email protected] dying
Get it 'til I drop, $#[email protected] tryin'
Pedal to the metal, we flyin'

In the fast lane, yellin' Diamond


[Verse 3: IamSu!]
Everything about me

Young wild ^!$$%, mouth full of gold teeth
Treatin' like a swap meet
Going crazy on a (*##$ until she knock-kneed

I'm in a hella fast whip going top speed
Make a mess in that #[email protected] and then she mop clean
I drop racks and she drops jeans

Smoke green as I lean, top dropping
Nigga I am all about a buck falling out a truck
Prolly with some hoes that I just met and yeah, they all gon' $#[email protected]

Got her man callin' up her homies, blowin' all em up
Trying to figure out where his girl is, she probably toasted
Like a champagne glass

So much money that ain't a damn thing sad
Do my damn thing in my campaign add
Let's get straight to it, don't let a damn thing pass

Nigga what?


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