Playin' Dominoes And Shootin' Dice lyrics

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WILLIE NELSON lyrics : "Playin' Dominoes And Shootin' Dice"

Once I knowed a guitar picker, lived his life on wine and
Runnin' around in one of them new machines

He was about the proudest feelin', wheelin',
Sneakin', stealin', aggravatin' man I've

ever seen

Nothin' but a midnight rambler, biggest drunkard and a

He'd do anything that wasn't nice
Huntin', golfin', fishin', swimmin',

runnin' around with other women
Playin' dominoes and shootin' dice

Then one night as he was dinin', while the moon was
brightly shinin'
With his secret love he was so gay

He would laugh and call her honey while she proudly spent his
As they hugged and smooched the time away

Laughin', jokin', dinin', dancin'
Plannin' parties and romancin', havin' fun

regardless of the price
Eatin' caviar and chicken, strummin' his guitar and

Playin' dominoes and shootin' dice

Then his wife walked in and found him with that pretty girl

around him
Started makin' headway for the gate
When he saw those girls dividin', he commenced to slip and

But he seemed to know it was too late

Crowds began to gettin' thinner, they jumped up and left
their dinner
No one seemed to have an appetite

Not a person dare defend her, everyone jumped out the window
No one hung around to see the fight

Then she grabbed him by the collar, he commenced to squeal and
As she plastered him betwixt the eyes

And then his old guitar she swung it, o'er his head she
proudly hung it
Bruises, knots, and bumps began to rise

He lept up and tried to squeeze her, but she warped 'cross
the beezer

Pulled a pistol and shot him once or twice
When the wicked fight was over, he was laid beneath the

No more dominoes and shootin' dice

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Writer(s): Tex Wood, O. D. Dobbs
Copyright: Unichappell Music Inc.
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