I Just Dropped By lyrics

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WILLIE NELSON lyrics : "I Just Dropped By"

I just dropped by to see the house I used to live in
I hope that you don't mind I won't stay very long
So long ago someone I lived here together and then so suddenly I

found myself alone
I couldn't stand the thought of living here without her
And so I moved away to let my memories die

But my memories outlived my own judgement
This may sounds strange to you but I just thought I'd drop

The very door you're standing in she used to stand there
And wait for me to come home every night
And when I'd see her standing there I'd run to meet

These things were on my mind so I just thought I'd drop

I guess that I should leave someone just might not understand
And I'm aware of how the neighbors like to cry
But you can tell them all today a most I'm happy man

Was in the neighborhood and he just thought he'd drop

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