Beautiful Loser lyrics

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William Control lyrics : "Beautiful Loser"

One last kiss before they cart me away and
Just take one last look before my body decays
This is my last night on earth

My $#[email protected] hell

All my life all I've wanted to say

This is love love love while the symphony plays
Here in death I would cut my breath just to stay

I'll never love again
Take the vision away

Beautiful beautiful
I'm a Loser alive
On a suicide mission to die

Beautiful beautiful
I'm a loser inside

You're beautiful yeah
I'm a suicide

$#[email protected] $#[email protected] $#[email protected] I wanna $#[email protected] till we bleed and
There's a time crunch baby I don't want to believe
This is my last night on earth

My $#[email protected] hell

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