This Beat Is Fresh lyrics

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WILL.I.AM lyrics : "This Beat Is Fresh"

Its on a high stage, jealous for show,
Im the C.E.O!
The so control

Get the beat so low, make the people say yow!
Aha! I know youre being jealous niggers!
I know!

I know youre being jealous niggers!
I know!

This hear is freshen than yours,
Yes Sir, is freshen than yours!
My clique is freshen than yours,

My chicks move sexy than yours!
My style isthan yours,
My flow, myis %#@!ting on yours!

And you can hate if you want it, its alright,
I know that youre just jealous!
This beat is fresh!

This beat is fresh!

..stop with the flow,

Steady with the sound like my name is Daddy O
Cause niggerstalking %#@! like their mouths is
But I rock the glow, making niggers say yow!

They dont knowour flow looking like yow!
They see me rocking tinny bottles, got me saying yow!
But now Im only blocks, looking hot, like yow!

Go get the niggers, put us ready on a radio!
Ill pour our soul when no pop limo,
I'll whip?. playing same gender, I'll do it in a studio

Do it like nobody do it, do it, do it?!

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