Ms. Holy Roller lyrics

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WILL SMITH lyrics : "Ms. Holy Roller"

Mic check 1, 2.. this is dedicated to an old friend of mine,

Ms. Holy Roller, new angel, got ya Bible out shoutin' and you're

ringing a bell
mid-life, reborn, can't wait to tell, if I don't believe what
you believe,

I'm going to hell...
I've been down with Jesus since Sunday school & Easter

The Bible was survival, that's what my grandma would teach us
Since I was 5, I've been dying and trying to read it When I did
I did, it redefined it

Now you was 34 when you found Jesus after your life fell to
Wife two times, with two guys, now enlightened in speeches

Seemed to flow out your mouth with the hype of a preacher
Took your whole life to reach you, now I'm a trifling


Come on, if I die right this second, I reckon that God would
simply check
into my life & times, dissecting my rhymes, he'll see how I've

been leading his troops
You can't do dirt your whole life then say "oops'!

Now where was Jesus, when you life then you was cheatin', when
you was deceiving me?

Where was Jesus when you greedy, your lawyers was bleeding
Where was Jesus when every weekend, a new man living with

Oh, wait he was with me, trying to keep me from killing you?
Now, where was Jesus when you was lying & you was betraying

When I was trying to make it, you was hatin' delayin' me,

Where was Jesus when the ice was thrilling you,
Oh, he was he with me trying to keep me from killing you!
If I ain't know Jesus, ain't no telling where I would be

It's been nights I felt like feces; I needed to fight to release
I'm in the limelight, it's hot & the heat is ceaseless,

Holding my tongue while little bums cut me to pieces
The only reason's cause I studied the life of Jesus &
Venting with my pen, intending to write & release it

But when an ex-friend would slight me or slam me with venom
I hate it, I can't stand it, damnit, I really resent it
I always strive to be righteous, my version of God

The reason why I never write verses with curses inside
The reason I never purposely hurt persons,
I've applied many teaching of God,

Searching the reaches of God
Pondered the mysteries of why you be dissing me,
I adore you all I hope for you is freedom from misery

You made mistakes & blunders, you breaking from under
But yo, If I'm going to hell, it's making me wonder.


The greatest atrocities ever committed on this planet have been

in the
name of God
This country was founded by Puritans, for the expressed purpose

oppression-free worship
Your attitude is the same arrogant, fearful fundamentalism that

fueled the
hatred of the Crusades
& the attacks on 9/11.

If we are not allowed to worship God as groups & individuals
free from
persecution, in respectful
Tolerance, there's only one outcome...


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