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Whosah - Ghost Town lyrics

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WHOSAH lyrics : "Whosah - Ghost Town"

come five-fifteen this place is a ghost town
search for a single soul but nothing to be found

i hit the lights, i still see quite clear
i could put roots down but nothing grows around here

come 9am we're in the same place
wishing we're somewhere else, but not enough to change

we're living in a ghost town
dying just to break out
you feel it in your heart now
you feel it in your bones like
know this isn't living when you live like that:
never looking forward, never looking back
we know there's nothing here to tie us down
living in a ghost town

i wanna live like i'm alive now
not gonna wait to situate and settle down

i need blood pumping
i need mind racing
i need something moving
i need to wake up knowing that i wake to something more than
dreaming my days away
i just don't want to
sleep while i am awake

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