Did You Steal My Money lyrics

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WHO lyrics : "Did You Steal My Money"

I wake up on broken glass
But you left your number
All the members of the cast

Reckon I was lumbered

Did you steal it

Did you screw me
Did you peel it
Did you do me

Are you out there Mr no-one
Is my investment growing

Sorry that I got so drunk
But I wrote you a poem

Did you search me
Did you turn me over
While I cold turkeyed

On the sofa

Did you steal my money

How can we forgive a grievance
Now that we all live with demons

Did you know that poor old veteran
That you kicked out of his bed
Says that he cannot forget you

But he does not wish you dead
Leave his gold watch in reception
He will keep the sixteen stitches in his head

Did you steal his money

Did you pinch my trainer football

Say if you half inched it
Thought I heard a female foot fall
While I washed my kitchen

Did you use me
Why'd I trust you

Why'd you abuse me
I won't bust you

Did you steal my lorry
It fell right off my lorry

Did you pinch my brasso
Nick my gelt you $$#hole

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