Farewell To You lyrics

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WHITE LION lyrics : "Farewell To You"

Well it's time to say goodbye my friend
I'm glad you stayed until the end
I hope that you've enjoyed the time we spent

Though I know that i'll be back again
I don't know just how soon my friend
Until we meet again just think of me

I'll think of you

It was easier to say hello

Than to say goodbye
Now the bus is leaving once again
I bid farewell to you

Oh oh yeah

I remember all the fun we had

And all the tears when times were bad
But you were there when we were down and out
And I know that I will not forget

What was written and what was said
And who was there when we were not on top
Of the world

It was easier...

Yes it's time to say auf Wiedersehn
Sayonata and ciao my friend
You┬╣ll always have a place within my heart

And rock will come and rock will go
The scene will change and time will show
But still I hope that you'll be there for me

i'll be there for you

it was easier to say hello....

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Writer(s): Vito Bratta, Mike Tramp
Copyright: Mike Tramp Music
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