Buttercup meadow lyrics

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WEST OF EDEN lyrics : "Buttercup meadow"

Oh, where can a heart go
That is sad and distressed?
And where can a soul hide

To find comfort and rest?
'Cause he swore that he loved her
And he swore to be true

Then he left her with nothing
But this silly old tune

Love, love
If it knocks on your door
Love, love

Run like never before
Love, love
'Cause it captures your heart

Love, love
And then tears it apart
Does love

Near the path through the meadow
In lovely July

Surrounded by flowers
Two lovers did lie
And the birds sang so sweetly

Not a cloud to be found
In their own yellow heaven
Right there on the ground

Love, love...

Her cheeks flushed with fever
Her heart throbbed so fast
And her hair got all tangled

And twined in the grass
And the birds sang so sweetly
Such an innocent song

But she woke up alone
Her true love was gone

Love, love...

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