Tomorrow Night In Baltimore lyrics

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Waylon Jennings lyrics : "Tomorrow Night In Baltimore"

her head rolls back and forth
Against the billows of her long black shiny hair
As she contemplates the ecstasy

Of some other love that now she wished was there

If she could only realize that the love i have

Could beckon her command
Instead of laughing endlessly and pushing back
Advances with her hands

Every night i see her leaves a nightmare
Of illusions when she's gone

And it leaves a longing feeling in a man
With a pain that lingers on

The gaudy goodbye can't replace
The girlish giggle of her sweet hello
But tonight i've made my crumbled mind up

That i'll never ever let her go

Too many nights i've watched her tease

By shifting all her weight from hip to hip

And with her hands brush back the falling strands

That cover up her satin lips

She struts upon the stage

And her fallen victims are calling out for more
But she leaves them stranded helplessly
And exits to her dressing room door

Tonight i'm gonna take her
I've infiltrated past the guarded door

But she just hurries by me carrying
All those scanty costumes that she wore

And she asks a sawed off cigar smoking cat
If he would open up the door
Then she told him to load the baggage

Because they open tomorrow night in baltimore

God' if i have to crawl

I'm gonna be there tomorrow night in baltimore

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