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Red Eyes lyrics

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WAR ON DRUGS lyrics : "Red Eyes"

Come and see
Where there's everything
On my way
To be better, get to my soul
Against my way
Anyone can tell us you're coming
Even if I lay anywhere

Colorado, it's easier to stick to the earth
Surrounded by the night
Surrounded by the night, don't go
And to accuse MY FAITH
Lose it eternally, go nowhere
You're on my side again
You're here wherever it goes
Oh, baby, I don't wanna care

And if you seem this coming my way
Well, if you hold close my side you're gaining

It all seems everywhere
Made of time, made of wool, I can't
Don't think they would mind
I will keep you here, time again

Oh, I'll talk to you if I can
I'll see you where I go

Seen the darkness coming for me

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