Slight Work (Remix) lyrics

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WALE FEAT FRENCH MONTANA, MASE & PUFF DADDY lyrics : "Slight Work (Remix)"

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Brand new drop, I'm riding through Harlem
500 at the villa ain't no problem

Plumber in the back seat, pipe work
Chasing them checks, Nike work
Red bottoms with the spike work

Making a movie, Spike work
? drank on, ?
30 chains on, bet the light work

Get it, I spend it, cop white Ghost tinted
Smoke a whole pound in it so you know it ain't rented
25 on the bear hoodie, go and tell PETA

10 million off of mixtapes before I drop a single
Slight work

[Verse 2: Wale]
Young Folarin, gold bottles, we so thorough
My new flow bought Hublots below zero

Old sneakers that's worth more than your new apparel
I'm on one, no two-steppin' in Margiela
If you got a blunt, then we got 2

If I got a blunt, you might gotta move
I don't like to stunt, but now I got to
To celebrating the fact that I'm not you!

Remix indeed

Okay, shake it, shake it, shake it
Can't wait to see you naked
They cannot see me cause when they see me I'm getting faded

Double M we the greatest, women is on the couch
They tryna get it in, we gotta point 'em out
And then I dance on 'em

I bet your __ would too with this cash on ya
Okay hold up, just might dance on 'em
Let's say we have a long night and a fast morning


[Hook: Wale]

Slight work, slight work
The wrong drink, the right work
Slight work, light work

The wrong drink, the right work

[Bridge: French Montana]

(Work, work) Talking 'bout a slight work
(Work, work) Talking 'bout a slight work
(Work, work) Talking 'bout a slight work

(Work, work) Talking 'bout a slight work

[Verse 3: Diddy]

Get a bottle of Ciroc and take a chopper to the party
Then cop a Bugatti just to let the Oscar ride shotty
How could not admire me? Jocking my men entirely

Chop the top off the drop and tell 'em Basquiat inspired me
I step up in the spot, they get to working hard
She bend it over, make that thing look like a work of art

I'm the one ?, just call ?
I fathered the game, feel like I'm watching my sons floss

[Verse 4: Ma$e]
What you want me say? What you want me do?
Different kind of money make different kind of moves

Different kind of dudes wear different kind of jewels
Different kind of drop on, different kind of shoes
Wear my hat to the back, I'm in a different kind of mood

You get a different kind of chill from a different kind of cool
? with my past, wait 'til they see my future
Only dude from the unit, MMG recruited

Getting money like I'm Jewish, get attention like a nudist
Got a cult following of bad broads like I'm Buddhist
As a student, I'm a ?, and you know my mind affluent

Think you clueless then you foolish if your crew don't have a Judas
Wanna know what I been through, what you into
Put it all on the table, do it like a menu

Get you wider than a venue, humming like Hindu
Feeling like a dream and nobody pinch you
Slight work...

[Hook] + [Bridge x2]

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