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Till You Believe lyrics

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VIRTUE lyrics : "Till You Believe"

Album Virtuosity!

I paint rainbows in the sky
Speak the mountains tall
Draw the rivers deep and wide
Cause the rain to fall

But I can't heal that broken place
or dry the tears that wet your face
And there's some pain I can't erase
Til you, til you believe

I can take the raging storm
Tell it peace be still (be still)
Cause every angry wave in life
Must obey My will

But faith is so much more than sight
And I can't make this work out right
Or help you get to sleep at night,
til you...

til you believe Me
And trust Me
And know Me well enough to know...
That I'm big enough
And I'm strong enough to be everything you need

I can make a man from clay
Breathe and part the sea
Make a universe with words I say
Outlive eternity!

But I can't win your marriage back
Or get your wayward child on track
or give you all the things you lack
Til you oooooo
Til you
Til you believe

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