Night Rider lyrics

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VADO lyrics : "Night Rider"

Night riders, getting mad this is..
I'm sitting with my lifus,
For a clip I'm living like
Whoever you feel nicer, I'm nicer!
a lot of cope damage, they
Short legs niggers can't stay with me mad,
And rap stars looking like they ran Hussein.
Night rider!
Wifey can't answer ya calls I'm inside her,
Five-fifty beamers, we've been drivers,
Night rider!
Like long nose for liars,
You rappers ain't hard,
I speak garbageniggers need charging,
reach each target.
Night rider!
It's riding a week
Regardless we are what we are.
This, night rider!
Started from the ground, got spit like
play talkers is day walkers is
Night riders!
Far from a blade, if I'm uninformed is gone,
Cause niggers respond with thethey punch them for.
Too better, we do better as if we love and live better.
pistols put youall upon one click.

Guys sweet, got the.
Niggers talk, they all back it up in front of crowns,
A bunch of ghost busters with a
My niggers
Sucking that dick in rhymes, I look every in time.
My niggers fit for.,
Same shit different place, differencesfor different nigger face.
My niggers infiltrate
Shorty I twist you to come out at night to ride.
Night rider!
Transport, I'm playing the night driver,
For you're trying to see me on a night
Niggers see you, niggers and we like
Real niggers turn me
Night rider!

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