The Golden Palace lyrics

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URIAH HEEP lyrics : "The Golden Palace"

Locked behind the door
Taken by force
But I'm not guilty of the crime

How can this be real
What is aganst the law
To say what's on your mind

Then I see your face
So warm as it comforts me
And tells me I am not alone

Pray for me tonight
Give me the strength of love
To help me cross the virgin snow

I will run till daybreak
My tears will fade away

They'll never take me again
No I'm never going back
'Cause when I get to the golden palace

Everything will surely be so clear

Can we give ourselves

Like a mother to her child

They took a part of me

Whenever I think of it
I shiver to the bone
The scar is on my heart

When will the crimes of
Inhumanity be known
I am only one voice

I will not fade away
So many are silent
But I will never look back

'Cause when I get to the golden palace
Everything will surely disappear

The snow has gone at last
I'm out of the shadows and into the sun
And then I see you smile

Angel of mercy
The fight has jus begun
I can hear them calling

Across the frozen land
The world will hear us
You know it's never too late

'Cause when we get
To the golden palace
The memory will surely be so clear

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