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Monolith lyrics

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Until Death Overtakes Me lyrics : "Monolith"

There is no sun,
No sun here...

Locked in this shell,
This monumental casket...
Standing in the cold rain,
Unable to move away...

I dream with the aeons, both trapped in nothingness...
Dream of what not is,
And never shall be...

Locked int this shell,
This monumental casket...
Statue forever watching them.
The emptiness seems so near...

I am without sin... son will be gone...

Hideous defunctcreation
Hating obsolete emotions
Hideous disfunct creation
Fear all that was never felt

Hideous disfunct creation...
I am... the Monolith

But I know I remain
Eternal is the torture forever the solitude

I am not to blame... soon will be dead

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