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Unsung Zeros lyrics : "Smile"

regrets are my bedfellows
I'm feeling so alone
I've messed up my life pallette
now it's colored up with woes
just two simple words
have changed me to no end
just two simple words
have changed me to no end
just to simple words
to quote you
only friends

I miss your smile
when I'm sleeping all alone
I'm in our house
and your not ever home
changed residence
stopped paying out the rent
and girl I miss your smile

When I drive by your house
it makes me want to cry
each time I see your face
it makes me want to die
so why do I sit back
and look at picture books of you
I guess I'm just messed up
and that's all I can do

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Writer(s): Shaun Matthew Verreault, Craig William Andrew Northey, Vlado Dzihan, Earl Alguzar Pereira, Mario Kamien, Christopher Charles Lloyd, Safwan Yasir Javed, Curtis James Jackson
Copyright: Budde Music Inc., Wide Mouth Music, Tea Guy Music, Universal Music Corp., 50 Cent Music, Warner Chappell Music Canada Ltd., Austro-mechana Gmbh, WB Music Corp.
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