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Intoxication lyrics

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UNSHAKEN lyrics : "Intoxication"

Verse 1:
I will not let them cure my disease
They will never put my mind at ease
I don't think that they can comprehend
The beginning of a life is at its end
Label this as pure insanity
Trying to keep me from society
Looking for a truth that they can bend
Hearing for a faith that won't defend

Your intoxication
Pushes me over the edge
Your intoxication
Keeps messing with my head

Verse 2:
Searching everyday for just a taste
The thirst is getting stronger as I wait
Numbing all my senses
I will take my chances
Knowing at the end will be my fate
Drunken with my curiosity
Giving up my mediocrity
I will not go back
Seeing what they lack
Living by a system of deceit

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