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Unknown lyrics : "The Shark"

Josh Meets The Shark
I was in a bar well after dark.

Shootin' pool with The Shark.
He said,?Son. I'd like to make a bet with you.?

(I bet'cha' do.)

If you make this here trick shot.

I will give you this here watch,
And it will pass a special power on to you.

(I know you'll feel so powerful.)

So I lined up the cue ball.

Let it fly and I sunk'em all.
Grabbed the watch
And put it on my wrist.

(It fits so good.)

I felt a tingle in my throat.
Then I sang the perfect note.
He said,?Son. Your special power goes like this.?

You can shoot orange juice from your hand.
Ginger ale from your fingernail.

You can shoot highballs from your eyeballs.
You can make sour mix as well.

You will sing a country tune.
While you wear a fancy hat.
You're the human, singing bar gun

And it's hard to mess with?. THAT!

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