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Unkle lyrics : "The Answer"

Here we are
Burning up in our cars
And in our hearts
Better days
Sleeping late with a headache
Perfect weather
Lay in wait for an answer
They're still waiting
With your tea
Lucky tips as the day breaks
The blind are leading the blind

Better days with a headache
Perfect weather

Xenon lights
Dots go dashing the highways
Nothing's moving
Everything lasting for seconds
Lovers' lips
Drinking late at the station
Smiling faces
Comic weep
Wiping your face in whatever
There's an answer

Better days with a headache
Perfect weather

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Writer(s): Matthew Pierce, Pablo Spencer Clements, James Gabriel Leo Lavelle, Michael Lowry, Gavin Michael Clark, James H. Griffith
Copyright: Music Sales Corporation O.B.O. Campbell Connelly & Co. Ltd., Campbell Connelly And CO.LTD.
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