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Undercroft lyrics : "Enemigo"

The journey takes me away
The distance is unknown
Between big trees, absorbing the last

... light
I walked alone, stepping careful over fallen
... heroes!

That once proudly cared
Expectations that scarred the soil


In my hand I drag my axe

That many lives ended quickly
Soon I'm done and can relax
Cause it can end suddenly...


Now I can see above a mile
Though I try to climb over the pile
... of bones left behind...

Who will never disappear from my mind

[1st solo: E. Belmar, 2nd solo: C. Illanes]

[verse 1 repeat]

Left on the field stands my only friend

That a sunturn ago... was my enemy
We end the war as it was meant
Slowly the dark turns in to clarity

[Solo: E. Belmar]

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