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Undercroft lyrics : "Blackening The Sun"

Re-edifying the walls of sodoma
I'll bring the lust to the forgotten god's temples
Only my soul's heaviness will decide

... will decide my final place of rest !
The seven towers which support the skies
... will be seen from the seas to the deserts !

When on the earth the shadows will walk... again
And the abyss child will creep from the other side !
Who shall speak the truth

When the sun will be black !!!
... will be forgotten
The light of the sky, slowly decay

Their rotten christian faith !!!
I'll have no remorse
For i'll long the force !!!

... of ancient belief
Where ain't no $#[email protected] peace, fading soon way
Rising the buried plagues !!!

Under the night-fall...
... i am...
... blackening the sun !!!

... only my soul's heaviness will decide
Oh! Will decide my final place to rest !!!

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