Too Much Of Nothing lyrics

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UFO lyrics : "Too Much Of Nothing"

I really tried my hardest just to make you understand
It feels like to a boy, when he don't feel like a man
But you gave me so much money

And you would not understand
I realize I hurt you, so I stay just as I am
(1) But the whole world keeps on turnin'

Yes, the whole world keeps on turnin'
But the whole world keeps on turnin'
I just roll along

There's been too many mornings
And one too many years

Once went by the big ones who just can't take the pace
We found out the hard way
I hope you understand

That my life is just my head
And I had an overdose

(1) Repeat

I used to try, I used to try

Used to cry, oh I used to cry

(1) Repeat

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Writer(s): Peter Frederick Way
Copyright: Intersong Music Ltd.
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