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UB40 lyrics : "I'm On The Up"

Thing's ain't so bad
They sure could be better
Thing's ain't so good

But I'm sure it won't last
Storm clouds above
But I got my umbrella

I would if I could
I can't change the past

I'm on the up
My futures tomorrow

Why should I worry
All I've got to find
Is another sad someone

Who'll happily give me
Just enough loving
For their peace of mind.

Things are a drag
But I'll get it together

Things make you strange
But that's how it goes,
I always say sorry

So no one remembers
I caused the pain
When I struck the first blows.


Things ain't so good
But I'm not complaining
Things could be worse

I don't need to tell you
Hang out your washing
It's gonna start raining

Thunder clouds burst
So tell me whats new.


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