Steelhammer lyrics

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U.D.O. lyrics : "Steelhammer"

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

Bang your head against the wall
Make 'em hear the words you wanna say
Tear it up and smash it down

Scream it out the price they're gonna pay

Trouble on the left

Trouble on the right
I got the balls
I got the might

Steelhammer - Steelhammer

Heavy hard and mega loud
With iron hearts and fire in your brains
Going on we feel no pain

We're metal soldiers marching for the faith

[Repeat Bridge]

Steelhammer - Steelhammer
Hammering your brain

Steelhammer - Steelhammer
Driving you insane

Steelhammer - Steelhammer - Steelhammer

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