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All The Way Turnt Up lyrics

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Travis Porter lyrics : "All The Way Turnt Up"

O o o turn me up turn me up Atl gettin money
Shawty we all the way turnt up all the way turnt up all the way turnt up all the way turnt up all the way turnt up all the way turnt up all the way turnt yp
Dj turn me up crank it to the max I lots of guala I be blowin stacks polo on my hat shoes and shirt to match I be so turnt up I be swaggin to the max if you get it in and you getting doe gone pop a bottle this right here yo song purple by the zone you can smell it on my clothes and a man up in my swisher bout to take one to the dome I'm gone in another zone I be ridin on them inches with them woofers going strong they like what is going on I don't really know then I role down my windows and I crank that shit some mo
Turn up turn up turn up aye all the way turnt up pat just came in so you know we burnin up travis porter hit the club and they like dats dem fresh outfit I just came from h&m I'm turnt up and I can't turn down YT throwin money cuz he just got off a pound quez drunk as fuck ali wilin out turn up turn up turn up aint no we we turnin down
Verse 3
Turn it up a notch yea you know wassup excuse me when i come through cuz i came to throw some bucks yo luck yo luck turn me down a little is that YT bitch im in the buildinnn.
I got that beat off in my truck and it's turnt up to the max.The club thick as fuck and it's turnt up to the max
And they play dat turnt up and it turnt up to the max and they all turnt up crank that to the max they don broke the knob off and I know you gonna feel it man I'm turnt up to the top you know I can't speal it travis porter in the buildin we bout to kill em we all turnt up to the ceiling.

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