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Fill A Heart lyrics

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TORI KELLY lyrics : "Fill A Heart"

there are so many lives struggling to fight
just a little bit more
trying to provide, barely getting by
could be right next door

no one should be left alone in the dark
with love fill a broken heart
i know we can make the world better if we come together
you gotta believe that

we can change the outcome
if we join in, reach out a hand
all it takes is someone stepping forward
and making a stand
you and i is where it starts
you and i can be a part
feed a soul, fill a heart

you feel like giving up
doubts are growing but you gotta keep on somehow
hear the sound of hope, let everybody know
we have the power to turn this around

hear the sound of hope
let everybody know

no need to look very far, right here is where it starts
feed a soul, fill a heart

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