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Hello Good Morning lyrics

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TOM lyrics : "Hello Good Morning"

So I take it no G wanna stress about that letter T,
Cause when I jump on a beat..
it's like yall don't even notice me?
A dope killa killin beats, layin out whack emcees !

to make the world more aware of this rap murder scene,
Bringin back memories! of hearin rap go to crap,
Even when before I rapped..
I still shared love on all of my favourite tracks,

But now I'm gettin real pissed!
Seein all these little dicks spit nothin but pure whack,
Please don't spit another bar about you bein all swagged,
With yo stupid chain and corny snapbacks,

Just relax kids.. Your like what? Thirteen,
What are ya gonna rap about?
besides scoring chicks in ya dreams,
And shootin enemies wit guns. Hah Please,

Alrighty dude I bet they go off like fire mixed wit kerosene,
Real Talk! sorry if I be gettin mean but as you can see
I ain't liking our gen thanks to all these rap thieves,
Fighting, Slicing, Dicing and brightening up the Lightning,

All those things require me! which is oh so frightening,
Don't really give a crap if you ain't liking the style I have,
I'ma rap about what I rap.. Yep Lyrically gone mad !
Just a Aussie kid grindin fo the game and fans,

Makin plans to blow up befo my major improvement lands,
That way the fam can see my progress !
Instead of me.. wastin oxygen outta my chest,
Representin Double R.. yepp y'know I'm the best mann.

Every homeboy round my block know I'm the meaning of hyped,
But on the mic!
I beat up these beats like me beatin up chicks on a friday night,
Jokes bro..

We be clownin so don't go frownin while the flow's still flowin tight !
Hell Yeah!! Get hammered right now ! I jus might,
No need to take a photo while I do so or else I'ma go crazy and wanna fight,
Giving rookies some pointers mann so whatchyall on about?

It's unique ! The way I write,
Go Hardd. Like no other.. Fakes takin shots? Well go take cover !!
While I shootem wit my deadly nerf firearm sucker!
These pricks are nothing but silly suckers.. All they do is suckup !

Take em out one by one and climb up the corpses to get back up Top,
Hate gettin held up at the club straight after I rock up,
Duck up.. and down like a spastic and throw my middle fingers up,
It ain't that I'm drunk. Just got my addictive flow goin on,

Comes around rarely at times so make the most of it before it's gone,
Tell all the haterz that they're hate is much appreciated,
All that negative emotion shows their persona so congratulations,
Love laughin at how pissed they get when they hear me spit bars,

These fools are raging like a busy road packed with cars !
This passion is so passionate it's gotta be my mission,
Never underestimate the power of the lyricism,
My lines will leave you so mentally corrupted.

You be trippin up yo mind boy,
It's safe to say that you have.. Certainly Errupted.

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