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Treat Me Like Somebody lyrics

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TINK lyrics : "Treat Me Like Somebody"

Oh yeah yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah(2x)

[Verse 1:Tink]
Somebody real is hard to find
Somebody worth all your time
Somebody who can tell you the truth
Someone who loves you for you
Someone who knows all of your flaws &
Doesn't impose , try to control them
Let's you be free
Doesn't deceive &
Gives you a chance to believe
Believe in something

Is that too much?
Cause I've been on the search and I'm losing my hope
Is that too much? Is that too much?
Trying to find love in a world so cold
Is that too much?
I just want an answer, I can't be the only one
Is that too much?
You ain't got to be perfect
Just give me a purpose to love

I just want somebody (body)
To treat me like somebody (body)
Won't be like everybody (body)
All you got to do is love me for me baby. (2x)

[Verse 2:Tink]
Now don't be mislead by the things that I said in the past
I was young
I was looking for a thrill
That didn't last long
I was in it for the wrong
Wrong reason, wrong season, wrong person (yeah)
Cause he just wanted one thing
& I just wanted something to smile at, & live for, & hug on (ohh)
I'd rather have quality than quantity
Ohh I just want someone that'll keep it real with me



Ohhh oh oh oh
Maybe I'm asking for too much..
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

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Writer(s): Joey Ramone, J. C.
Copyright: Taco Tunes, Mutated Music
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