Tiana lyrics : "Gyal Broad Out"

(Verse 1)
Him wi do anything fi him money
Naw put no careless gyal above mi
Gimmi anything mi waan
Do as mi like him no ask mi no question
Just love it when mi wine an kotch it
6:30 him know seh mi got it
Him seh gyal mi love yo Benz body
Hey gyal tek all a mi money

Every gyal broad out from yo man a take care a yo body
Love yo man like Slim love Addi
All out, broad out, all out, broad out
If yo man a take care a yo body

One man respect like slim love Addi
Bruk out an dash out yo body
Gyal all out, broad out, all out, broad out
If yo man a take care a yo body

(Verse 2)
>From mi look inna my man eyes
Mi know mi a my man prize
Mi seh him love mi, him love mi, him love mi
Nuff gyal si mi man an a try
Mi no worry, mi know mi a wife
Cause mi know seh him love mi

(Repeat Chorus)

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