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It Goes Like This lyrics

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THOMAS RHETT lyrics : "It Goes Like This"

Pretty girl you make me wanna write a song
Sit ya down and sing it to you all night long
I've had a melody in my head
Since you walked in here and knocked me dead
Yea girl you make me wanna write a song

And it goes like oooh what i wouldn't do
To write my name on your heart
Get to wrapping my arms baby all around you
And it goes like hey, girl i'm blown away
Yea it starts with a smile
And it ends with an all night long slow kiss
Yea it goes like this

Pretty girl you make me wanna drive you home
Get you out of here and get you all alone
Don't know what it is about you baby
But i'm all messed up and it might sound crazy
But girl you make me wanna write a song

Looking at you looking at me that way
Makes wanna grab my old guitar and play

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Writer(s): Jimmy Robbins, Ben Hayslip
Copyright: Extraordinary Alien Publishing, Get A Load Of This Music, Tar-cam-knox Music, WB Music Corp., Universal Music Corp.
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