THOMAS RHETT lyrics : "Get Me Some Of That"

Yeah girl been diggin' on you
Sippin on drink number two
Tryin' to come up with somethin' smooth
And waitin' on the right time to make my move
But I just can't wait no more
Can't let you slip out that door
Prettiest thing I ever seen before
Got me spinnin' around I Ain't even on the dance floor

You're shakin' that money maker like a heart breaker like your college major was
Twistin' and tearin' up Friday nights
Love the way you're wearin' those jeans so tight
I bet your kiss is a soul saver my favorite flavor want it now and later
I never seen nothin' I wanted so bad
Girl I gotta get me gotta get me some of that

Yeah gotta get me some of that

Little more what you doin' right there
Swingin' your hips and slingin' your hair
Side to side with your drink in the air
Lord have mercy now girl
Gotta get me some of of you alone
We can worry 'bout it later on
Right now keep makin' this my favorite song

Repeat Chorus

Some of that
Yeah gotta get me some of that

In my ride by my side down the highway
In the dark in my arms in your driveway
All because of that smile you threw my way
Yeah girl you got a way of

Repeat Chorus

Gotta get me some of that

Yeah I gotta get me some of that
Oh girl I gotta goet me some of that
Oh yeah
I bet your kiss is a soul saver my favorite flavor
I want it now and late

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