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Addiction And Her Name lyrics

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There For Tomorrow lyrics : "Addiction And Her Name"

You try to move on but still you're perfecting failure
There's always something in your way

Was it the guilt in you that pushed me to improve?
I know you've always had the choice to hear
You gave it all up when you broke the thought
Of keeping away the things you bought
When you took common sense so serious

This time around you're coming closer
You're never coming back until you know it's over
Won't you take it away from me?
Just take it all
Cause you never know you're leaving until it's over

And it's not that it's too hard to try to turn your eyes and drive the pain away
It's how much easier it is to let it stay
Once again it's on the tip my tongue
"Don't you wish it was done?"
I'm afraid we're only at the start
You knew that this is how things are

There's always something in your way

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