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Blood On The Rails lyrics

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THE SILENT COMEDY lyrics : "Blood On The Rails"

Callin' all agents, the seven have split
Villains and vagrants, are killin' our conscience
Call it contagious, the shutters'll click
Fillin' up pages, and give 'em the opposite

Yeah yeah

Cross off the basics, a cut and a stitch
Trial by patience -- admitted --
Cause I've got, common frustration
A seminal shift
Piles of papers are hidden in offices

Someone's gotta' tow the line
Someone's gotta' make it right
Someone's gotta' throw the fight
Someone's gotta take it
You gotta' fake it

Call it amazin', we're gonna' get it rich
Figures and failing are given up partly
Settle our savings, a seventies schtick
Buy off the payments, and kill 'em with confidence

Someone's gonna' tow the line
Someone's gonna' make it right
Someone's gonna' throw the fight
Someone's gonna take it
Not gonna' take it

I won't take it

Blood on the rails

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