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In My Car lyrics

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THE PACK lyrics : "In My Car"

[chorus: Lil Uno]
Ride'n Down The Street N I See A Pretty Girl
She Wants Me I Want Her I Will Take Her To My World
I'm In My Car(ayyyye Aye Aye) I'm Stunting In My Car
U Kno I'm In My Car I'm Stunting In Ma Car Ma Car

[Stunna Man:]
Hard Like A Light Pole Lookin Like A Light Show
Paint From The East Coast My Paints From Tokeyo
Truck On Summa Jam Yea I'm The Stunna Man So Much Money I Can't Fit
It In A Rubberband. Stupid! And They Kno I Go Hard
Ride'n Down Track See Me Stunting In My Car
Tents On He Scrape Cause They Knowin I'm A Star
And I Brought My Own Drink I Ain't Fuckin With The
Bar See Me Rollin Threw Richmond Slidin On The Six's
Paint Like Frenches Poppin At The Bitches Scrape Thang
Scrape Uno Got One Too Fuck With Ya Boy I Bet
It B A Fun Move


[Young L:]
From The Car To The Club Hella Boppas I Got My Eyes On You
The One In The Yellow And The One I The Blue A.o.b Yea Gimmie That
Loot [? ] Eatin Like That Neva Run Foot Peach No Yan
Boppa Take That Bust That Beast Boys A Make A Trick Run Laps
Keep It In The Pack Yea All In The Family S.s.s.s L Lay The
Damn Beat Hanky Panky Dnt Do Stanky Hit It In Her Mouf Yea U A


[Lil Uno:]
I'm So Differnt Yet So Not I Rock Impire Yea
I'm The King Three Cute Chicks Gotta Choose Witch One
I Got Three Phones Gotta Choose Which One On The
Dance Flo I'm The Man Two Step Like Winterfresh
I Sag Not To Show Ma Ass Bt Kiss It Girl Yea
Lick It Off Got A Whip For Every Season
Drop The Top When It Occasion Bt I'm Too Coo Cause My
Neck Like A Freeza Icey Whip Can Skate An I'm...


[Lil B:]
Yea I'm Ridin Down The Block In A Helocoptea It's
The Helicopter For The Yella Boppas Lil B Got Them For
The Pussy Boppas 24" Wat I'm Sittin Up In Green Al Night Call
Me Bent Mcgen Man It Really Go Down Cause Ma Potnahs Smokin
Got A Tiny Ass Shirt And Ma Weed From Oakland Call Me Don
King Don King Cnt Keep Me Focus Lik Band Theaannngggg
And There Rims Is Broken Say U Wanna Be B But You Not
The Hoesum Lik Yaa Ya Boy Is Wet I'm Like Yaaa Ya By Was


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