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Booty Bounce Bopper lyrics

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THE PACK lyrics : "Booty Bounce Bopper"

[Too $hort:]
Up All Nite, The Pack Is In Da House, Wat Yall Make Da Gurlz Do

Wolf Pack Make Da Booty Bounce Proper, Proper
Gett Loose,Streatch Bitch , Lett It Go, Let Go (2x)
Let It Go,Yea Do That,Let It Go,No Handz, Let It Go,Pussy Poppin On Da Hand Stand,Let It Go

[Verse 1:]
Where I Cum From Booty Bounce, Dollar Signz,Treez Spark,Niggaz Aint Trippin Off Yo Breed,Gett A Crew, On They Knees, Its Okay 2 B A Freak, Lett It Go, Lett It Ride, If U A Rip Then Lett It Slide, I Jus Wanna See Dat Apple Pie, Twerk Dat Ass,Roll Them Eyes,Gurl U Kno Im On It Good, Punchin It, 4rm Da Hood, Put Yo Goodies In A Bag,Big Booty,Im Hoppin,Lettin All The People Watch Me,Coca-Cola Shake Dat Body,Bitch U Kno That U A Hotty, Here We Go


[Verse 2:]
Watz Up Wit It Ma, Im Tryin 2 Cumm Through,And Sho U E Beezy How I Do,S S B Third B Imma Gea,Where These Niggaz Go Dumb On Square 4 Free,Put That On A,Crack Dat Back,Dont Care If White Dont Care If U Black,Im Dubbed Up In Purp, Chillin On Slackz,Yung Ls On Da Beats,So U Kno That Its Slammin

U Now Rockin Wit Da Best Wolf Pack,Bouncin 4 A Minute,Then Throw Dat Shit Back,Itz Pack Here So U Kno All Da Albums Out,Bitch Shake Yo Booty Till Yo Back Give Out, Take It Flow,Ho Dip It Low,I Aint Lil Jon,Ho Gett Low,Baby Shit Clap, Give Ma An Applause,Ass On Ma Lap Like Santa Clause Aye!


[Verse 3:]
Cakey Booty(Cakey Booty),Dummy Dunks(Dummy Dunks),Big Ass Titties All In Ma Face(In My Face),Niggaz Kno Dat I Dont Play,Mangum Boy,In My Hand,Pack Click, We Run This Man,Stunt It Dude,Popped It Hard,Itz That,Dumbtacks,Kiss Her Butt Like Thumbtacks,Remmy Red, In My Cup,Sipp It Till Im All Dazed, Put These Starz Up On Line,Trackstarz,Work Them Legz,Party Freaks,Let Em Out,See Who Could, Freak Da Best,I Aint Tryin 2 See Ya Chest, Im Tryin 2 See Dat Rip Undress


[Deep Voice:]
Hahahahaha,Yea Bitch,Wat Dat Shit Do,U Dig,Pop Dat Booty,Pop Dat Booty,Pop Dat Booty

[Too $hort:]
Yea Its Da Wolfpack,4rm Da Bay,Up All Nite Musiq,Look Out 4 Dat Pack Album Baby,Cummin Out Soon,2006,Dat Bay Shit,Bitch

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