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50 Shades of Grey lyrics

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THE MUSICAL lyrics : "50 Shades of Grey"

Fifty Shades of Grey
My new favorite book
Every fantasy
Right in front of me
I can read it while I cook

Fifty Shades of Grey
How can I refuse
In my boring life
As a plain housewife
I can dream of being sexually abused

Fifty Shades of Grey
No way
Every page I read
Makes eyeballs bleed
Someone please explain
How this makes sense

Fifty Shades of Grey
It's wrong
This degrading fluff
I have had enough!
Mommy Porn at women's rights expense.

GIRL 1 + 2
This is so well written
Who the fuck would write this
Every word describes exactly how I want to feel within
What a bad example for (every girl)
Every girl should read this book
I just hope that men don't get the wrong ideals from reading...

Fifty Shade of Grey
I pray that no one realizes
That I am loving it.
Every bit.
Hope no one finds out I'm reading

Fifty Shades of Gray
I know that I should be ashamed of this
But I can't resist.
My poor wrist!
Hope no one finds out I'm reading

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