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The Great Divide lyrics

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THE MOWGLI'S lyrics : "The Great Divide"

I head east towards the city
And when the sun goes down I'm heading home again
The city lights have left me empty
They've replaced the stars that used to shine so bright
But I will smile and I'll keep you close

And when the sun brings in the morning
I know today will be better than the last
As I turn into the evening
I pray my dreams will come and I'll cross the great divide

Don't, don't go changin'
Please, please come and save me
With your smile, you keep me close

Oh how you move me
With your love, oh how it swept right through me
And with your smile you bring heaven

They say the west is home to reason
So that's where I've gone
I've gone to meet my maker

And when I find what I was made for
This soul of mine will finally find some peace
So I will smile and I'll see you there

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