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Octavia's Overture lyrics

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THE LIVING TOMBSTONE lyrics : "Octavia's Overture"

Look at yourself when you were young
In ponyville you did not belong
It was not what you have wanted.

Made money by playing songs
Though nopony wanted to sing along
You felt that your talent was kinda wasted.

Didn't last long, so long
good bye to my old place.

Canterlot Canterlot
where the best of ponies are there.

You ran off, so wrong
Your parents look at you sad.

Famous Famous
That's the only word that went through your head.

They came to me

They looked me

So I told them:

I'm the type of pony everypony everypony should know x 3

Why are you still playing that cello
So mellow, Octavia, Octavia Octavia
(Can you please play me a lullaby)
x 2

Here you are in Canterlot
It's the place you always dreamed about
It's excatly what you have wanted.

Playing music with the big boys now
Everyone is cheering and you take a bow
Everything is going well just as expected.

So you decided, to call
your best friend back from the past.

It's me, your friend,
I wonder how has been all these years.

Can't talk, not now
busy making a new song.

Regret, Regret
Why did I forget about her for so long?

I'm so sorry x 2

I'm the type of pony everypony everypony should know
But I forgot who am I so I think I should go back home
Should I stay here at the place where everybody knows me for so long?

Chorus x2

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