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Bumping and boring lyrics

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The Gladiators lyrics : "Bumping and boring"

Girl you don't know what you want in life
I said, you don't know what you're lookin' for
Always talkin' about the past (not the present, not the present)
That's why you're always in bumping and boring
I said, why you so much bumping and boring

The only way, hey you can cross the river is
Stop playin' fool hey ( playing clever, playing clever)

I try my best to tell you, but I can never compel you
You got to know what you're aimin' for
Don't expect some miracle when there ain't no work
You know you cannot plant corm and then want to reap peas

Girl you don't know what you want in life
Some people don't know what they're lookin' for , huh...

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