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The Gathering lyrics : "Debris"

Darling, baby
Don't say maybe
Disobey me, I'll be

Like a bad penny
I twist the truth
I love your youth

You're losing grip
Take a trip, you,
You're going down

Going down
You're going down
Like fallen angels

I will mesmerise
You will paralyse
Framed in your game

Slowly fading
No one knowing
We are through

Count your blessings
Count to eighteen
Souls to perish

For a few stolen dreams only
As we've walked down the alley
On the misty afternoon

No one looked back nor forward
The city walls felt distant
Never at our reach

We're sentenced to your world
You're going down
You're going down

With me
You're going down with me
I will mesmerise

You will paralyse
Like fallen angels

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Writer(s): Raymond Istvan Rohonyi, Vegard K. Thorsen, Hein Frode Hansen, Frank Claussen, Lorentz Aspen
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