The Bollands - Bad Nights Lyrics lyrics

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THE BOLLANDS lyrics : "The Bollands - Bad Nights Lyrics"

I had the wrong night, I got the wrong fight
I got it all when you came
You took me in to, you took me in to

I could be wasted, but you let me know you wanted to gun
I didn't know when, I didn't know that
I didn't see you went out

I couldn't come out, I couldn't find out
I couldn't open up to see what we had done
You sure look wasted, You sure defaced it

You saw them coming and you ran
I can't believe it, you sure deceived them
You sure showed them that I was gonna come back in

Don't know when, I took the pills and
Punched a face and run
I can't lie about, I can't lie about

I don't remember what we did that dirty old night
I've had enough now

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