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Pretty Girl From Michigan lyrics

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The Avett Brothers lyrics : "Pretty Girl From Michigan"

Can you not see what you've done?
You gave your heart away like that
I didn't want to fall in love with anyone but you dear
I can still hear the song, the melody behind the kiss you gave me
You were wrong, I was right so I walked away
And left you there, alone
I got so tired of talking on the telephone
How many times would we say the words good bye

I've made mistakes, and one was telling you that I'll be there when telling time had come
I should've said I didn't care
Oh, the time I would've saved if I had been less willing to accommodate
You'd been a little less likely to cry

You'll go back to the hard life
And I'll go back to the lone
I should've known, but now I know
There'll be no word from you describing how it felt to go through what I put you through
It all makes á¹—erfect sense
The way you cut the rope that kept you dangling from such pitiful amounts of hope
I would have cut it too

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Writer(s): Robert William Crawford, Scott Yancey Avett, Timothy Seth Avett
Copyright: Truth Comes True Publishing, Ramseur Family Fold Music, Nemoivmusic, First Big Snow Publishing
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