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Young Dumb Full Of Fun lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "Young Dumb Full Of Fun"

[Tech N9ne:]
K state, K-U
But I'm born and raised in M-I-Z, Z-O-U
My eagle eye sees the day
They legalize weed in K
C I'mma need to buy trees and pay
But we don't need no high fees, OK?
Movin' at a snails pace, arms around this gals waist
36 24 36 I'm guessin' she's not jail bait
So drunk I got pale face, just like when I tailgate
Woke up with 3 chicks on me they lucky I don't yell rape
Ooooh yeah cherry kool-aid
Mix it with some grain alcohol add lemon that's called that foolaid
You made so much that'll prolly last you like a few days
But not when we come thru you know what we do me and my crew rage
Cookies, brownies, THC suckers
Vodkas, cognacs, whiskey, lovers
Rita's, Tini's, downers, uppers
Doin' it cause we young dumb and FUN MOTHER FUCKERS!
We just

[Chorus - (Mackenzie O'Guin) Tech N9ne x2:]
(Young dumb full of fun) I live it
(Young dumb full of fun) I got it
(Young dumb full of fun) I'm with it
(Young dumb full of fun) You not it

[Hook - (Mackenzie O'Guin) Tech N9ne:]
(Young dumb full of fun) And we got shots, ooh
(Young dumb full of fun) And then we hot box, ooh
(Young dumb full of fun) And if the cop stops, ooh
(Young dumb full of fun) Take it to mi casa, this is what I do

Like an illiterate idiot
We'd read on a light flare
Dumbin' up in the muck
She didn't give a fuck
But I might care
Trynna snag me a chicken
Then cinch her up in a tight snare
If y'all coppin' I'm right there
Like an orthodontist's nightmare
Fiendin' like Christine
I can hear em knockin' don't let them in
Dreamin' I'm Steven Dean
When I'm in this home made of Ketamine
Itchin' to wet your whistle
Official while out and get it in
Take a shot with Ephederine
Red is nothing but [?]
Picture me with a pitcher
Or passin' out with an 8-ball
Tell every chick I meet that
Her meat will probably get ate raw
I'll catch y'all on the far side
Promise to pack the pipe tonight
And I am nowhere near OD'ing
Just satisfyin' my appetite
I'm young

[Chorus x2]


Do it for all the college kids K city MO
With the vision fo' future politics
Smokin' on marijuana is 'bout as common as sayin' amen is
Throwed off of that cognac
No rocks you could hold that
Patrón shots and a dope sack
Doing big things so you thinkin' that
You can spit game, talk your shit
Grab your dabs, call your clique
Kief on a key, got to keep that low
With the law catch wind on a log-on trip
Wild for the night, higher than a kite
My eyes squintin' like where Waldo is
Team on deck and we all go in
I'mma puff puff puff 'till my jawbone bent
Ah, ah, now we wobble
Dewobble get out the way way
Your knotted squad is Ronald
MacDonald without the face paint
But I maintain, we gon' get her done
Bang bang never with a gun
Take-take in, pullin' love plus wooly bud, bruh
Cause we young dumb full of fun!

[Chorus x2]


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