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Turn lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "Turn"

Turn, The change of feelings or attitude
The change of intention
To redirect the point of aim
The reverse of one's feelings
To upset, or unsettle

[Verse 1:]
We were the dynamic duo we were unstoppable
Musically I was incredible and made you a verteran
Was like a titanic you know you was inmockable
To the "T" you would kill several punks and you were better than, many
But it musta went to your head
Cause ever since you made it your ego what sits in the red
Sometimes I wanna put slits in your head
When you didn't come to Bryan's funeral I should've sent you to bed
You don't even come around no mo
You don't invite me to your shows
You treat me like we ain't down no mo
I bet you ain't seen your son in months
I bet your wife is miserable, and lately you ain't the one she want
Took you in and gave you shelter, made it til where they felt ya
Now I just sit home and watch you bubble like Alka Seltzer, sick
Awhile ago I wasn't concerned, you took my heart
As homie when will ya learn that you burn when you

(Turn) I can feel it in the air
Somebody's turning
(Turn) We live in a place so cold boy my fire's burning
(Turn) I'll keep my enemies baby close so I can see
(Turn) For I sit and watch my best friends turn they backs on me, yeah

[Verse 2:]
No one could tell me that you was against me (Nuh Hu)
I was with Kelly and you was with Quincy (Uh-Huh)
Nobody could tell us nothing in our city
If this was Cali, you was E-40 and I was Lavidi(Yes Yes)
Or Dre and Nate, (Yes) we was displaying great (Yes)
Pieces of music but only different sides of the gates (Yes)
Told you that I was leaving and to keep my girl company
Soon as I turned my back it was like humpity humpity, damn
I called you, asked if it was true and you lied
Boy I wanted to beat you black and blue til you died
Knew my lady was well proportioned
But you took it next thing you know she was having abortions
Wrote songs on how she used to stutter, stutter
I disregarded every word she uttered, brother
You stabbed me in the back you snake, better yet a worm
Took my lady homie when will ya learn that you burn when you


[Verse 3:]
You're the lier, the cheater, the mistreater
Never come on the block if you stop and think why everybody is hot
Using the buiser, watch what comes outta your cooler
Cause if I catch you slippin' off up in the streets I'm a do ya
I made it so people in the city knew who you was
I'm the reason why the Kansas City streets got a buzz
You was broken through the city, not a block was listenin
Picked you up when you didn't have a, pot to piss in listen
Gave you a little money, put you back on your feet
Gave you your first record, put it off in the streets
Now all I hear is you're killing me in your song beefs
So I snuck up on you in the movies
And knocked you out your seat
Til your next rhyme, there will be a next time
When you turn on somebody that helped ya get signed
Black hearted devil in yo debt is just crime
All these verses are directed to you, Tech N9ne

(Turn [repeated echo's])

[Tech N9ne:]
For verse 1 and 3
There's two sides to every story
Except for verse 2
I was wronger than two left shoes
I apologize man


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