The Pick Up (Skit) lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "The Pick Up (Skit)"

It was a Sunday night around 8:30 pm
I was rollin' by myself in the Benz leavin to a park
Bangin' some of the homie fattone's classic shit
So I'm rollin down Maya Blvrd
Then I busted a right on prospect lookin' to be seen by a bad bitch and whatdya know...
A stallion
Ass like
Chest like... (ooo areola!)
Lips like (blam!)
So I pulled right next to her on the corner of 63rd street
'Bout ta front like im sellin her my cd and said

What's sizzlin' mama what's crackin'?

Wassup cuz?

Uh na I'm just tryin ta sell u this cd
Na u know what you so fine I don't even wanna sell you this cd
I'mma give u this cd baby girl

Oh ya cuz?
What is this shit cuz?

It's my new shit baby

Is this some tech n9ne shit cuz?

Uh ya

Aw na I don't want this devil worship shit cuz
I'm good cuz

Anyway nigga I'm just tryin' to give u the goddamn cd
U know what I got some...

Na cuz
Na, na

No listen listen
Look hold on let's walk over here to my trunk
I got some new shit

Oh yeah?

Come come over here
I got some other artists

Oh yeh cuz?

You might like some big scoob shit or somethin'
Come come on come check this shit out

'ight let me check this shit out cuz

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