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The Melancholy Maze & My World Intro lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "The Melancholy Maze & My World Intro"

What Up Sit Up Get Up Wit Us Killas
Enough To Crush Ya Luck And Bust Ya Guts And Liver
Hit With The Gun And Now Ya Livin Off In The River
Watchin This Arsinist While A Spark A Bit Of My Heart
And Bark Imma Start The Shit
Welcome To The Bottomless Pit
Animalistic I Know Its Hella Dark In It
My World Is Not Like A Regular Life
We Tote Big Guns Instead Of A Knife
Hella Grim Nite The Devil Is In Flight
He Said A Berretta Will Get Whatever Is In Sight
You Gotta Job, I Aint Got One
You Got Wad, I Gotta Shotgun
You Gotta Guard, I Got Squad
You Here To Work Im Here To Rob!

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