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Taking Online Orders Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "Taking Online Orders Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung"

[Verse 1: Brotha Lynch Hung]
It's another murder after the fact
Twist a mother fuckers hat to the back
Sicker then rat poison
I BLLLAT them niggas, hit in the back back bllat bllat bllat
He gon' feel it I'm bout to peel his bananna real quick
Spit the sickness, getcha dick split witness
Sick of this shit business
I'm a put him on a hit list
Teach him about the 'Season Of the Siccness'
Six six six shit
Creep in ya house, put a gun in your mouth
An I'm under the house, HIDIN'
Bodies under the couch and I ain't coming out I'm goin out dying
Try them, undeniable, I don't know I just fry them though
I come
Hard on the face
Probly cause I don't like em
I'm a OG viking
Chris carter
I spit harder
I get farther
Put it in the butt
His daughter
Spit a nigga nut

Cause I'm taking online orders
Cause I'm taking online murder

[Verse 2: Brotha Lynch Hung]
Put a body up in the trunk
Now you're stuck in a rut
Get it rough in the butt
While I'm puffing the blunt
Get it up in the gut, put them up in the cut
I'm a stick them and rip them
I'm dipping them in hot sauce
Legs and arms a little bit of agent orange a hot tata's
Hot totties I rot bodies
Tune in they ass
Talk naughty
Broom in they ass
I probably, fuck them until they get blue in the ass
Got robberies
Bloody bodies
Niggas nuts in your hot coffee
Mother fuckers better get off me
I will slit em in they neck ever so softly
Watch me
Anybody wanna come fuck with them, come face them
I'll be in Camp Crystal Lake like Jason waiting
Take them and rape, them then I cut em up
Bake them and ate them then I throw them up
Shit them out
You gon' forget about them
You gotta live without them
An I'm out

Cause I'm taking online orders
Cause I'm taking online murders

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Nigga ya gotta be willin' to give me ya soul
I don't be taking the minimal gotta be whole
Look at the stranger, get with the strangler
Given a liver of pig and a stick in a bowl
I'm coming a oven I'm puttin' 'em off and a nigga
Be lovin' to eat a bitch up and I throw it up in the commode
Nina be looking to get with another because of a nigga within him is cold
I cannot contain what is insane within this brain nigga
Never was a mundane but I was in pain, fuck it then came liquor
How did I become bane put enough strain now the lust rains
With a snuff frame killa
Rippin' mothafuckas up I open 'em up the puss came quicker
Hotel, motel
I don't give a fuck I'm picking bitches up I make her lick it up
I'm busting gonorrhea nut until her throat swell
Better let go of my coat tail, I'm gonna propel into more hell
Taking online orders from my cerebellum you can get it wholesale

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